Optimum Wellness Presented by King Soopers

The people of Okinawa are amongst the happiest and healthiest on the planet. Okinawans have one of the lowest mortality rates and one of the highest rates of centenarians (those folks living to age 100 and beyond). The not-so-secret-anymore lifestyle attributes contributing to the Okinawan’s extraordinary longevity and happiness include:

1. Their super natural indigenous diet based around plants and fish.
2. Natural movement and exercise throughout the day.
3. Not overeating – they practice the rule of Hari Hachi Bu – meaning they stop eating when they are at maximum 80% “full” on the satiety scale.
4. Have a lower-stress lifestyle.
5. Their lifestyle contributes to strong bones, so they have a lower incidence of osteoporosis.
6. They have naturally higher level of hormones like DHEA, estrogen, and testosterone – WITHOUT supplementing them.
7. Ikigai is a major aspect of their lifestyle.

Let’s focus on this 7th attribute since most people can relate to or at least understand the first six. Ikigai stands for the “reason you get up in the morning.” It is what brings meaning to your life. Ikigai is a purpose one finds within oneself and it is a major part of the Okinawan culture. You may have more than one Ikigai during your lifetime, so take that to heart if you don’t know what yours is or you need a new one. Ikigai is something you do because it gives you a sense of purpose. Think about what gives your life meaning. Write it down. Take action every day that fulfill your purpose. Finally, here are 5 reasons to Find Your Ikigai:

1. Having a reason to get up in the morning may give you more mornings to wake up to – in other words, it may increase your longevity.
2. It will promote greater happiness and joy in your life.
3. It will bring greater meaning and satisfaction to life.
4. It will provide you more focus and greater insight into the things that mean the most to you in life. That way you can let go of the things that no longer serve your vision for your life.
5. Though Ikigai does not guarantee that you will live to 100, the Okinawan population studies are substantively significant – plus feeling joyful about life just feels better.