Each family celebrates Mother's Day in their own unique way.

Every year, Jess Harvat and his son, Evan, send a message to his mom in heaven by attaching it to a balloon.

That message surely would have reached Kellie Harvat had the wind not swept the balloon into an extremely tall tree.

After several of his own attempts to reach the balloon were unsuccessful, Harvat sent the following message to West Metro Fire:

"I have a non-traditional request, but I don't know who else to ask. My wife Kellie passed away in 2014. She was 33 years old. We have a son together, who is now 7 years old. Evan and I wrote a letter to Kellie on Mothers Day, and attached it to some balloons that we released to try and send her a message. Unfortunately the wind blew them into the tallest tree on my property and they are now stuck there. My son is heartbroken that the balloons didn't make it - and to make matters worse - they are flapping around in the breeze - way up at the top of the tree - and I can't get them down.

If you ever have a training exercise that requires using your tall ladders, or if you need to do some kind of ladder test - I invite you to conduct that on my property. I would only ask that you help us get the balloons down from the tree so my son (and selfishly - me too) don't have to see this constant reminder of our loss and our failed Mothers Day project. I'm sorry to even bother you as I know you have much more important things to worry about. But if you have any interest - it would mean so much to both of us. Thanks for your time."

West Metro Fire promptly came to the rescue and pulled up to the Harvat house with their Tower 2 fire truck around 2 p.m. the same day.

The Tower 2 truck has a 100 foot ladder that easily reached the balloon that was stuck 30-40 feet up in the tree.

Jess and Evan will not let this hiccup keep them from getting their messages to heaven. They plan to buy new balloons and try again, this time from an open field.

Thank you to West Metro Fire for sharing this video and story with us.