The Great American Beer Festival is here, with some 800 breweries from across the nation (some never found in Denver outside this event) pouring more than 3,800 beers at the Colorado Convention Center.

But it is only the fool who would enter those hallowed halls today through Saturday and ignore this state's own fruits.

Colorado brewers — and there are 161 of them that will be pouring at the festival — are coming in from some of the most remote parts of the state, and they are breaking out some rarely-tasted one-offs .

That means a higher concentration of blow-your-taste-buds-out-with-delight offerings in the Mountain section of the great hall than in any other area — yes, even more than the Pacific.

With that in mind, here is an alphabetical list for locals and visitors alike of absolute must-try beers at the festival.

See the list at the Denver Business Journal: