If you have a closet full of suits and find that you only wear two or three of your dozens of suits, they aren’t doing you any good. It may be time to clean out your closet and refresh your business wardrobe.

The total number of suits you should have depends on how often you wear them. Knowing and understanding proper suit rotation is important both aesthetically and practically to ensure your suits’ longevity. Do it right and you won’t waste money on repairing or replacing over-worn suits, nor on purchasing suits you never wear.

While it may seem like a cumbersome task to complete, purging and refreshing your suit wardrobe can offer you more benefits than you may realize. Check out these four things you can do when you clean out your suit closet:

Donate old suits. Many custom clothiers offer an incentive for trading in suits. We work with men to donate old suits to worthy causes, and those men subsequently enjoy a discount on the purchase of a new custom suit.

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