There are those who successfully pursue improbable dreams. One such individual is Vince Papale, who was a 30-year-old walkon at a 1976 tryout for the Philadelphia Eagles football team. Against the odds, he made the team.

This year is the 10th anniversary of the film “Invincible,” which chronicles Papale’s journey as an Eagles player, and how hard work and a positive attitude can help you achieve your goals. I recently met Papale and asked if I could interview him.

Papale was a track star at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, where he excelled in the jumping and sprinting events. He never played college football, but played two years for the Philadelphia Bell, a team of the short-lived World Football League.

In the forward to the 2011 book titled “Be Invincible” by Papale and his wife, Janet Cantwell, Dick Vermeil writes that when he arrived in Philadelphia as the team’s new head coach in early 1976, he and his staff decided to host a tryout to “pick up a few players who could come in and help during the 10-week training camp” during the summer. Papale jumped at the chance. The tryout gained the team much publicity and, as I recall, some derision.

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