If you are planning a summer or fall vacation, you might be worried about increased terrorism around the globe. Is it safe to travel now?

You’ve heard the rationale before. Terrorists want to disrupt our everyday lives. If they keep you home at a staycation in your back yard instead of traveling to Europe or a major U.S. city, they’ve won a victory.

What’s the risk?

Can you quantify the risk? Sure. Plenty of people have run the numbers. The Washington Post observed you run about the same chances of crushed by unstable furniture as you are being killed by terrorists.

The website lifeinsurancequotes.com, which offers statistics from various federal agencies and nonprofits, reports that your chances of being killed in a shark attack are 1 out of 11.5 million; the chances of being killed in a terrorist attack are 1 in 20 million.

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