Zen has taken on a new meaning at the Colorado Mills mall Yoga Pod studios.

“I’ll never forget that class,” laughed the owner, Perrin Kringel, remembering a jack hammer on the other side of the wall.

She opened last week after having to push her opening date back by mail months because of the May hail storm.

A look inside Yoga Pod 

"We all are just tolerating whatever the mall throws at us, but it doesn't stop us from holding our classes,” said Kringel.

She is one of the lucky ones. Yoga Pod became one of six businesses that have opened since the hailstorm damaged so much of the mall.

Perrin sees construction crews everyday as they transform the building.

A mall spokesperson says they are aiming to re-open a majority of common spaces and as many retail tenants by Black Friday.

"So are you guys opening back up?" Kingel asked as another business owner came by asking about yoga classes.

"Oh yeah,” said Sandra Slonim.

She is still waiting to re-open her paint your own pottery store. Slonim’s been in the mall for 14 years.

“It's amazing to have your whole life change in a matter of a minute,” she said, recalling the hail storm that flooded her business.

Got Paint still has some work today before people can make art again, but Slonim’s hoping the mall's timeline is right and that she can open in November.

“Very soon it will be back to normal, and once it is, it will be like nothing ever happened,” she said.


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