Colorado is known for many things, but being the No. 2 aerospace state in the country may come as a shock.

Lockheed Martin Space Systems broke ground Thursday on a $350 million Gateway Center that may take Colorado to No. 1. This will be on the company’s campus in Waterton Canyon.

This will be the home to some of the most innovative satellites and spacecraft of the future, and it will also be the last place for assembly and tests before they are launched into space.

“We are going to be able to have the capability of producing five to seven satellites simultaneously,” said Derek Johnson, vice president of facilities management at Lockheed.

This center is already helping meteorologists track storms -- including Harvey along the Gulf Coast.

“The images that you saw about Hurricane Harvey that were used to predict its path and give advance warning came from satellites that were built on this campus,” said Joe Rice, director of government relations.

It’s going to be about two years until the Gateway Center is finished, but those at Lockheed say this will add to the already 500 jobs they are bringing to Colorado.