With a just a few clicks, a handy-dandy new tool lets you feel a little better — or a little worse — about your car's environmental impact.

The interactive tool, called Carboncounter, charts the greenhouse gas emissions and costs of 100 popular models. We used the tool, developed by MIT's Trancik Lab, to compare the greenhouse gas emissions of some of Colorado's best-selling new cars and a few of America's top-selling models.

As it turns out, Colorado really is the Land of the Subarus. But that's not necessarily great for the environment.

The stereotype that every Coloradan drives a Subaru holds strong, judging by AAA Colorado's most recent list of the state's best-selling cars. Five of the top 10 are Subarus, with the Outback and Forester taking the top and second spots, respectively. Colorado and Washington are the only states in the country where a Subaru is the top-selling car, according to IHS Automotive numbers.

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