Overnight visitors to Denver generated $5.3 billion in revenue in 2016, an increase of 5 percent over the previous year and setting a new record, according to numbers released Wednesday by Visit Denver.

The city convention and tourism agency works with Longwoods International to survey visitors about their spending habits while in the city. The latest survey showed that visitor revenue exceeded $5 billion for the third year in a row, and that visitor counts were at their highest level in the city's history.

The numbers include both leisure visitors and people visiting for business.

"This is a milestone year marking the first time Denver surpassed 30 million total visitors and the 11th consecutive year that we have generated record tourism numbers," said Richard Scharf, president and CEO of Visit Denver. "Since voters approved an increase of tourism marketing dollars in 2005, Denver has seen tourism grow nearly three times the pace of the national average: 62 percent for Denver compared to 22 percent nationally."

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