The Stanley Marketplace off Montview Boulevard in Aurora is quickly nearing completion.

The mall-type outpost made waves when, in November 2016, its original opening date was delayed.

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Now, with 34 out of 54 stores up and operating the marketplace hopes to be all systems go by the end of April.

“So far so good,” said Stanley Marketplace founder Mark Shaker. “Everyone's pleased.”

Shaker thinks the business’ success comes from the diversity and cooperation between vendors that lies at the heart of the marketplace idea.

“They're constantly finding ways to collaborate, to co-brand, to co-market; you know to share their strengths with others,” he said.

The Stanley Marketplace is the newest of its kind with others like Denver’s Central Market in LoDo and The Source in RiNo.

The Source was the first of its kind when it opened in 2013.

Its founder says sales in the marketplace have jumped from $10-million when they first opened to $20-million in 2016.

“In some ways it's a traditional model but it’s a further evolved version,” said founder Kyle Zeppelin of The Source. “Kind of the new form of Main Street; bringing people together.”

With 54 planned stores, the Stanley Marketplace is already much larger than the Source with 34 stores now open.

They plan to open three to four new stores a week until the entire marketplace is up and running.