Colorado craft breweries took the first step to being able to add more taprooms Wednesday, advancing a bill in the state Legislature that would allow them to do just that despite complaints from restaurant and bar owners that grew so loud that one of the co-sponsors of the bill actually voted against it.

Senate Bill 253 is sponsored by Republican state Sen. Vicki Marble of Fort Collins and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Lucia Guzman of Denver.

The measure would allow breweries that typically operate a taproom at their production facility to open two more such tasting rooms where they could sell their beer to be consumed on-site or to be purchased to go. It also would let wineries and distilleries, which now can operate two such tasting rooms, to open a third.

Marble, a liquor-store owner, said the bill is necessary to help the booming craft-beer industry after the Legislature last year approved a law that will allow grocery stores to get as many as 19 more licenses to sell full-strength alcohol over the next 20 years.

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