Sports and politics have always been connected, said Mark Cuban — billionaire, "Shark Tank" TV star and owner of the Dallas Mavericks — at a Denver Startup Week panel Tuesday night.

The difference now, he said, is the U.S. has a president who engages in Twitter fights.

Cuban was reacting to President Donald Trump’s Twitter outburst this past weekend on NFL athletes who have taken a knee during the national anthem. The tweets have engulfed social media, with everyone from the coaches and owners to fans and even sponsors weighing in on the ethics surrounding it.

“I’ve got to look at the guy in the White House like this, there is his job," Cuban said. "And then he has a phone . . . What he does as capacity as president, I’ll just look at it like that. Then I come to realize that in his heart, when he goes upstairs, he’s just a Twitter troll.”

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