College students from across the U.S. and Europe have spent months building solar-powered houses from the ground up.

Now, they’re in Denver to show them off.

The houses are for the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon. Eleven teams are competing – including one from the University of Denver.

DU teamed up with students from the University of California Berkeley nearly a year ago to make this energy-efficient house happen.

The goal is to build a house that produces as much energy as it uses – and one that’s also habitable for families.

“Besides measuring our net-zero status, we’re also measuring if the home is livable,” said UC-Berkeley student Jordan Gibbons. “So, there’s a ton of different contests like a cooking contest and a game night and hosting a dinner party and doing laundry and all of the things to see if you can build a house that people would actually live in.”

For the first time in the decathlon’s history, the winners get a cash prize.

You can tour the houses for the next three weekends. For more information, head to: