At the Woodward Barn in Summit County, Emily Terrell and the staff are pretty busy with a rush of business at the indoor action sports facility.

“We have been the family hang out in Summit County even with the mountain opening, “ Terrell said.

Just outside their windows, Stephanie Sweeney with Copper Mountain says skiers are hitting the hill but so far there’s not a lot of hill to hit anywhere with warm temperatures limiting the amount of terrain during a busy holiday weekend,.

“We’re opening terrain where we can, but Woodward Barn is a great alternative to some on hill options we have,” Sweeney said.

That’s sending daredevils like Mark Jardim flying indoors.

“When there’s not good snow, you just need to train on safer stuff,” Jardim said.

He’s tuning skiing skills on jumps or trampolines without having to find the snow. Even regular, everyday skiers are showing up to get some time in.

“It’s not just freestyle skills, you can work on your general skiing and snowboarding skills, but also some balance and coordination on the trampoline,” Sweeny said.

All the action has Terrell racing to keep up with the rush of indoor ski area business.

“’I’m praying for the snow,” Terrell said. “I want it to come but I’m also not mad at the business we are getting.”