Nick LeMasters, the general manager of Cherry Creek Shopping Center, knew there would be pushback from shoppers and store owners when the mall started charging for parking.

The issue has drawn so much heat that a Facebook page saying Join us in our mission to save Cherry Creek Shopping Center and get them to stop charging for parking" popped up and so far has more than 2,400 likes. The story prompted one local television news producer to "go undercover" with a hidden camera to hear about the concerns.

Despite negative comments on social media and some store owners expressing anger, the parking fees are staying. And, believe it or not, LeMasters is confident that one day soon, shoppers and store owners will be grateful.

"There has been a range of passions shared with me," LeMasters told the Denver Business Journal. "Some people are flat-out angry and some are sad and disappointed."

"It's change, and change can be difficult for all of us. This is a transitional time and a settling period."

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