Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.'s experiment with adding queso to its menu has gone so well that it will tack the spicy cheese dish onto menus at all 2,300 of its restaurants next week.

Officials from the Denver-based restaurant chain (NYSE: CMG) announced today that queso will appear on all of its menus on Sept. 12.

It’s been a quick escalation from offering the product only at its New York-based test kitchen earlier this year to trying it out in 350 locations in Colorado and Southern California beginning on Aug. 1 to this nationwide roll-out.

Founder and CEO Steve Ells acknowledged that the cheesy dip long has been the most-requested item that is not on Chipotle’s menu but said the Mexican restaurant chain needed to find a way to make it without additives that are common throughout the restaurant industry in order to fit with its philosophical goals.

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