Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton campaigned Wednesday before an enthusiastic crowd at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in Pueblo, with the Democrat attacking Donald Trump for his "insults" and urging the crowd to vote.

Clinton also pushed her economic platform, vowing, "We’re going to lift families out of poverty."

She said she would work to double the child tax credit, charge companies an exit tax if they move jobs to other countries, and raise the national minimum wage. And she tried to draw sharp distinctions between her economic platform and those of Trump, her Republican opponent.

"Trump wants to give trillions and trillions in tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires," she said. "That’s called trickle-down economics. But as with anything when it comes to Donald Trump, he wants to have the biggest tax breaks for the wealthy and corporations than we have ever, ever had. So I believe differently. We’re going to invest in the middle class. We’re going to invest in you, in your jobs, in your future."

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