A popular Denver bar that was declared a public nuisance and shut down in wake of a fatal shooting is holding a rally Monday night in a bid to reopen.

Cold Crush was closed last week after 29-year-old Tyrone Adair Jr. was shot to death outside the club at the corner of 27th and Larimer Streets. No arrests have been made.

Denver Police data say Cold Crush has received 438 “calls for service” last year.

“There’s a pattern of criminal activity and dangerous activity that are putting residents at risk here and so the city was compelled to take action,” said Dan Rowland, spokesman for the Department of Excise and Licenses.

The owners of Cold Crush disagree with this assessment, and are asking loyal customers to go to the bar and show their support on Monday evening.

“Give us hugs, smiles, laughter and a testimonial,” a Facebook post from the bar reads. “We are putting together a public service announcement video and would love to have as many of our loyal fans and customers be a part of this as possible.

“Strength in numbers. If you love Cold Crush, come tell us why. Thank you all for the support.”

The city of Denver has temporarily suspended Cold Crush’s liquor and cabaret license for 15 days. The city has launched an investigation, and depending on the result, the bar could reopen in about two weeks.