Gov. John Hickenlooper called a special legislative in mid-September, arguing it was the “most expedient way” to fix an error in the centerpiece bill of 2017 that will cost a number of special districts, including Denver’s Scientific and Cultural Facilities District hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding.

But what may have seemed a simple and expedient way to restore funding that those districts expected to get has turned into a political firestorm that, in all likelihood, will not get solved in the abbreviated session.

And it could create a partisan cloud that lasts over a 2018 session in which business leaders will ask the Legislature to work across the aisles to address regulatory reform and transportation funding.

The issue when leaders of the Legislature gavel the special session at 10 a.m. today will be a clause in Senate Bill 267, the omnibus bill that added $1.9 billion in one-time transportation funding, increased the business personal property tax exemption offered by the state and removed the hospital provider free from under the state’s Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights revenue cap, allowing the Legislature to spend more money each year without having to offer tax refunds.

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