A Colorado delicatessen owner who moved to Ecuador to "live off the grid" was sentenced to two years in jail last week for defrauding the Internal Revenue Service of more than $350,000. He claims he's innocent.

The government claims Daryl Brent Giesking, 68, who operated a deli in Fort Collins, received a $350,765 fraudulent IRS refund about eight years ago "based on falsely reported income tax withholdings." The government claims Giesking spent the money "on precious metals and coins, a truck, jewelry, luxury travel and sporting equipment."

Giesking apparently engaged Teresa Marty, the owner of Advanced Financial Services of California, to do his 2007 taxes. Earlier this year, Marty was sentenced to 10 years in jail "for conspiring to file more than 250 false refund claims."

Giesking said he moved to Ecuador in 2009 and bought property there in 2013: "The right area that would be most suitable for us to raise our vegetables, enjoy our dogs, and live off the grid."

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