After it was severely damaged by a hailstorm that pounded much of the metro area this spring, Colorado Mills mall in Lakewood announced Monday that it is still on track to reopen by Black Friday.

The mall is working to have “the majority of common areas” and “as many retails tenants as possible” open by Nov. 24.

Work at the mall is expected to continue into early 2018, but in a news release, Colorado Mills’ owners said they want to open sooner rather than later so people aren’t out of a job during the holidays.

Multiple businesses with exterior entrances – including the Super Target, UA Colorado Mills Stadium 16 movie theater and Jumpstreet – have already reopened.

Golfball-sized hail from the May 8 hailstorm – which happened exactly 200 days before Black Friday – created several opening in the mall’s skylights, effectively flooding the building.


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