The Colorado Public Utilities Commission on Wednesday sent a very loud and clear signal to the Regional Transportation District: Tell us what federal railroad regulators know that the commission doesn’t.

Last week, the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) granted RTD a five-year waiver from federal standards on how long crossing gates should stay down along the University of Colorado A Line and the B Line. The problem has been gates that come down seconds earlier than the standard warning times.

The FRA’s decision to grant the five-year waiver noted that the decision was “in the public interest and consistent with railroad safety.” The decision also asked RTD to submit a plan to get rid of the flaggers that have been posted at crossings for more than a year.

And it came the day after the PUC’s three commissioners unanimously and soundly rejected RTD’s request that they approve the timing of RTD’s crossing gates. PUC Chairman Jeff Ackermann even asked at the time if RTD should simply scrap the wireless control timing system, part of a federally mandated Positive Train Control system, in favor of traditional controls, which are now in place as backups.

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