In search of increased funding for their marketing efforts, Colorado Tourism Office officials think they may have found one source through partnerships with destinations willing to get their images into CTO ads running across the country.

Colorado is the leading winter destination in America and is in the midst of a visitation boom, having attracted 77.7 million tourists in 2015 who spent $19.1 billion and supported more than 160,000 jobs.

The number of visitors is up 31 percent in the past five years — a rate that is more than double the national average and indicates that more Americans are choosing the Centennial State over other places as a travel destination.

But while Colorado grows its share of the national audience, it has done so with a budget that largely has been flat for the past several years. Meanwhile, competitor states from Utah to Oregon to Arizona are investing more to try to attract that same traveling public to its states, creating a potential problem in the future for Colorado, consultants told CTO executive director Cathy Ritter and local tourism officials earlier this month at the start of a series of meetings around how to evolve the state’s tourism-marketing strategy.

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