Expanding access to "quality credentials," including certifications and two-year degrees, is a prime goal of the Colorado Department of Higher Education and state leaders.

The goal was among several laid out in Tuesday's release of the Colorado Commission on Higher Education's " Colorado Rises: Advancing Education and Talent Development" report. The Colorado Commission on Higher Education examines postsecondary needs in the state.

"We recognize that it is not enough to merely stay the course," the Commission writes in the report. "If the state of Colorado is to prepare its students for changing workforce demands while maintaining its high quality of life and vibrant economy, it must invest more in the educational attainment of all of its citizens. Failure to do so will result in entire segments of our population being left behind, increased social costs and reduced fiscal competitiveness."

The push to get more students to obtain certifications and two-year degrees is something state leaders have been working on since early 2016, culminating with the launch of the state's paid apprenticeship program this summer.

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