Still licking their wounds from the failure to even get a construction-defects bill introduced during the 2016 Colorado legislative session, members of the Homeownership Opportunity Alliance began to come together again in August, discussing how they might try yet again to push a measure through the General Assembly.

The alliance — a statewide group of community leaders — and others believe reform of the state's construction-defects laws is crucial to speed up development of new condominiums in a state that's starved for lower-cost housing.

They say existing laws put condo builders at too much risk of being sued by homeowners for defects, so developers are putting up rental apartments instead.

For months, alliance members discussed strategy, they lobbied existing members of the Legislature and they met with legislative candidates, hoping to inform the next generation of state officials about the importance on an effort that had failed four sessions in a row.

Then, shortly after legislative leadership elections, they got a major boost from a place they’d never found love before — the top of the House Democratic structure.

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