Denver City Auditor Timothy O’Brien issued a report Thursday that blamed inefficiencies and disorganization in the Department of Community Planning and Development for causing delays in building permits at a time of significant development in Denver.

O’Brien’s audit comes at a time when business owners and builders are beginning to speak out publicly about issues they have with the permitting process following years of grumbling privately about delays.

Andy Ganick, owner of The Pig & the Sprout restaurant just west of Denver Union Station, recently detailed to the Denver Business Journal what he saw as excessive obstacles that have kept him from adding a patio at his eatery, which opened more than a year ago.

However, the report comes also as planning director Brad Buchanan is in the midst of a series of overhauls of the department that he says are speeding up the time in which builders can receive permits and making life easier for people dealing with city government.

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