Even though bringing your dog to a brewery is a very Colorado thing to do, in Denver at least, it's no longer allowed.

That's because the city of Denver has always had an ordinance prohibiting pets from regulated food facilities -- and that includes breweries, even though many of them don't serve food.

Now, though, they are starting to routinely check the breweries as part of their regular inspections.

Before, those inspections were only done when complaints were made to the health department.

Five years ago, the city stopped doing the inspections thanks to budget cuts.

During that time, dogs became very commonplace in many Colorado breweries.

They have since increased the staff, and are restarting the regular inspections.

That prompted one Colorado brewery to make a post on its Facebook page over the weekend, announcing the change:

"An unfortunate announcement today: Per the Health Department, dogs are no longer allowed inside breweries. Sad day," Former Future Brewing Company posted.

Vicente Arenas is taking a closer look at the change in policy, and will have a story on 9NEWS at 9 and 10.