Metro Denver banking customers are paying among the highest ATM and overdraft fees of any bank cardholders in 25 metro areas, a new survey says.

Metro Denver has the 7th highest average out-of-network ATM fee, at $4.92, and the and the 8th highest average overdraft fee, at $34.15 of the top 25 major metros, according to a report, which has surveyed non-interest and interest accounts for 20 years. The survey looked at 10 banks in 25 metro areas.

Nationally, ATM and overdraft fees have each hit record highs. The average overdraft fee is $33.38, and the average out-of-network ATM fee is $4.69 — up 2.6 percent from $4.57 last year. ATM fees are up 55 percent over the past decade.

Free checking accounts are holding steady, with 38 percent of banks offering free non-interest checking accounts to all customers, according to the report.

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