More than two years after the owner of the The Pig & The Sprout set out to open a patio at the Denver restaurant, he finally will be able to celebrate the official debut of the outdoor space on Saturday.

Andy Ganick worked since early 2015, when he first decided to construct his second restaurant at the corner of 19th Street and Chestnut Place northwest of Denver Union Station, to add nine-foot-wide patios in order to activate his space and attract crowds going to or from Colorado Rockies games.

However, Ganick and Denver’s permitting agencies butted heads on numerous occasions both before and after he opened in June 2016, before he finally got the go-ahead last month to fence off 7-1/2-foot-wide sidewalk areas adjacent to his restaurant to seat several dozen people.

The Denver Business Journal detailed Ganick's struggles in the AUg. 4-10 print edition's cover story.

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