Denver Water is contemplating storing water right under your feet.

Crews are using huge drilling rigs to collect samples of the soil in underground aquifers to investigate the basin’s ability to store water.

It could be a boon for places throughout Colorado, which are seeing drought conditions.

Denver Water has been storing water in mountain reservoirs for the past century. Storing the precious resource in aquifers could prove to be a boon for ensuing none is wasted – especially as the city prepares for population growth and climate change.

“There are years when our reservoirs fill and spill,” said Bob Peters, water resource engineer for Denver Water in a blog post. “Those are the years when we would take water from our distribution system and store that water underground.”

The Denver Basin is a collection of aquifers that can stretch more than 2,000 feet under the surface. The basin covers can area roughly the size of Connecticut, stretching from Greeley to Colorado Springs.

Denver Water plans to use the basin only for storage, and will not tap into0 it for additional water supply.

“There are a number of benefits to underground storage,” Peters said. “You don’t have to build a new dam, it’s comparatively less expensive, there’s minimal impact on the environment and there’s less evaporation.”

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