As CEO of one of the two companies that developed Denver Union Station, Mark Falcone wanted to put a hotel in the space that would capture both the urban feel of the quickly growing district around the transportation hub and the natural feel of the mountains that first brought people to settle the city of Denver.

When Kimpton Hotel Born Denver opens Tuesday, it will be notable for an exterior of concrete and metal as well as door frames and bedroom canopies of pine that evoke the feeling of a mountain lodge.

The facility on the corner of 16th and Wewatta streets will contain photos of the surrounding neighborhood when it was an industrial wasteland some 25 years ago — as well as roughly 700 installations from 32 local artists in its public spaces, its rooms and its hallways.

Falcone’s vision for the 200-room luxury hotel is a grand one. Then again, he believes it mirrors the visions of people who have come to the Mile High City for 150 years and have turned it into the boomtown it is today.

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