Diesel engines pollute far more pollution than tests indicate, and spew more deadly emissions into the atmosphere around the world, according to a study by University of Colorado researchers.

"Excess emissions alone lead to 38,000 premature deaths annually worldwide, including 1,100 deaths in the United States," according to the new study released yesterday, co-authored by Daven Henze, an associate professor of mechanical engineering at CU Boulder, and postdoctoral researcher Forrest Lacey.

Europe bears the brunt of the deadly diesel fumes, according to the study, where 11,500 deaths are linked to excess emissions, followed by China, where 10,700 deaths were linked to excess emissions.

The problem is far greater than the "defeat devices" used by Volkswagen, which produced diesel engines that reduced emissions when the engine sensed that it was being tested for emissions. Colorado is expected to receive$61.3 million from a national settlement with Volkswagen between 2017 and 2027.

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