KUSA – At the corner of 27th and Larimer Streets in Denver, it’s easy to find people with strong opinions about Cold Crush, the RiNo bar recently declared a public nuisance and temporarily stripped of its liquor license.

“It’s been a public nuisance since it opened,” said Donald Gonzales, who used to live in the home next door to the bar.

Gonzales said he’d lived in the neighborhood 50 years. He moved out of his home because of the noise and violence.

“I had a person die in front of my steps last year,” Gonzales said. “Now another one over here. [I’m] afraid to even bring my grandkids over here because you don’t know what’s going to happen.”

Donald Gonzales’ brother, Steve, now lives in the home, though he shares his brother’s perspective when it comes to Cold Crush.

“The only time we ever had problems since I’ve been here, is when that bar is open,” Steve Gonzales said.

Early Monday morning, Tyrone Adair Jr., 29, was shot to death outside Cold Crush and another man was wounded. No arrests have been made.

On Wednesday, Denver Police declared Cold Crush a public nuisance and posted a notice on the front door. Over the past year, Cold Crush received 438 “calls for service,” according to Denver Police Department data obtained by 9NEWS. Nearly 60 percent of those calls involved off-duty officers who were working at the bar.

“There’s a pattern of criminal activity and dangerous activity that are putting residents at risk here and so the city was compelled to take action,” said Dan Rowland, spokesman for the Department of Excise and Licenses.

In addition to the public nuisance notice, the city temporarily suspended Cold Crush’s liquor and cabaret license for 15 days.

“They can’t sell alcohol, they can’t have music there, so essentially the business isn’t going to be operating for a period of time,” Rowland said.

Rowland explained that the city will investigate whether further action will be taken against the bar’s liquor license.

“The community needs Cold Crush,” said Aren Bahr, a regular at Cold Crush. “It’s one of those places that I hope to God doesn’t shut down for good because it will be sorely missed.”

Bahr said he and his friends hang out at the RiNo bar just about every day after work.

“You kind of feel like a piece of you has been ripped away for something that these people had no control over,” Bahr said.

Depending on the city’s investigation, Cold Crush will be able to open its doors again in about two weeks.