Fewer than half of Coloradans now receive their health insurance through their employers — a shift that represents the first time businesses have provided a minority of health-care plans in memory, according to survey released today.

The biennial Colorado Health Access Survey, administered by the Colorado Health Institute (CHI) and funded by the Colorado Trust, found that the percentage of Coloradans who have insurance has gone up slightly over the past two years but that the way they get their insurance continues to evolve.

While a greater portion of the state’s 5.04 million insured residents receive their insurance through Medicare and through plans they purchase individually, those Coloradans who receive employer-sponsored insurance fell from 50.9 percent in 2015 to 49.4 percent in 2017, the survey of 10,029 found.

While that drop in employee-provided insurance is statistically insignificant, it represents an eye-opening decrease from the 57.7 percent of state residents who got their health plans through work as recently as 2009, said Jeff Bontrager, CHI director of research on coverage and access.

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