After two years heading the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade, Fiona Arnold is returning to the private sector, stepping down from her position as of Dec. 15.

Arnold took over at the end of 2014 from Ken Lund, who oversaw one of the bigger periods of economic development in state history.

During her tenure, she ramped up the state’s ability to attract expanding and relocating companies via tax incentives and oversaw significant growth in the state’s ability to attract tourists and feature films as well.

But earlier this month, Arnold said she was concerned that the state should pull back on some of the job-growth incentive tax credits it offered to certain companies, and it also should hold back money that it offers to other companies through the state’s Strategic Fund, in order to land even bigger prospects in the future.

And she imposed tight restrictions on recipients of Regional Tourism Act tax incentives for tourism-generating projects to the point where some of the recipients complained it would be extremely hard to get the projects done.

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