The impact of Hurricane Harvey caused gasoline prices in Colorado to jump. That's according to AAA.

In the past week, gas prices have increased about 18 cents per gallon in Colorado (to an average of $2.56 per gallon) and Denver (to an average of $2.52 per gallon).

Refineries in the Gulf Coast were affected by the hurricane, with 27 percent of the U.S. gasoline processing capacity shut down due to the storm. But slowly, the refineries and pipelines are coming back, according to AAA.

“Consumers will continue to feel pain at the pump stemming from Harvey with gas prices potentially increasing an additional five to ten cents in the week ahead. ... The good news (is) consumers will see relief from the gas price spike towards the end of this month," said Jeanette Casselano, AAA spokesperson, in a statement.

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