Maybe your ballot is on your kitchen counter. Maybe you don't even have it yet, or that pesky register-to-vote line on your to-do list is still unchecked.

Maybe you're holding out to watch one more Broncos game while under constant bombardment by election ads before you make your decisions. On second thought, let's scratch that last maybe.

No matter — there's still plenty of time to make sure democracy doesn't leave you in its dust on Election Day. But if you woke up this Monday among the ranks who have yet to vote, here are a few key steps to take to get off Uncle Sam's naughty list.

First things first: No matter what, do not mail your ballot. Seriously, don't even think about putting a stamp on that envelope. This late in the game, chances are slim to none that the county clerk will receive your ballot by 7 p.m. on Election Day, which is Tuesday, unless you see to its delivery yourself.

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