Tech jobs dominate Glassdoor’s new list of highest-paying careers. So which tech jobs pay the most?

Enterprise architects, who are largely responsible for an organization's information technology assets, make a median base salary of $112,560. Glassdoor ranked the job as the sixth most lucrative in the United States for 2017. Application development managers followed close behind at No. 8 on the list, pulling in a $112,045 median base salary.

Research and development managers, who often design and and manage R&D in innovation organizations, came in ninth on the list with a $111,905 median base salary, while software engineering managers ranked 11th with incomes starting around $109,350.

Other STEM and tech-adjacent careers topped the Glassdoor list — physicians, pharmacy managers, patent attorneys, medical science liaisons and pharmacists took the top five rankings on the overall tally.

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