Discussion of whether to reclassify the hospital provider fee to provide more money for transportation may be running out of gas even before the 2017 legislative session has begun.

Shortly after being chosen by his Republican colleagues as the new Senate president-elect on Thursday, Sen. Kevin Grantham of Canon City said he had very little interest in reviving the idea that has been pushed by business leaders and Democrats for the past two years but has been killed twice in the Legislature by Republicans.

While Grantham has said that finding new funding for transportation is one of his highest priorities, he criticized the reclassification of the hospital provider fee as a proposal that focuses only on ensuring more money is spent by the state government rather than requiring the Legislature to prioritize highway and transit spending over other areas.

“Philosophically, there is still a lot of money being spent in Colorado,” Grantham said. “I think there are better solutions than that.”

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