Gov. John Hickenlooper received across-the-aisle praise for one of the provisions in his joint health-care reform proposal with Ohio Gov. John Kasich during a three-hour hearing before a U.S. Senate committee Thursday.

Hickenlooper also committed the state to funding any reinsurance program that the federal government would create at the hearing, in which he was one of five governors asked to weigh in on changes to the individual health-insurance market.

The five heads of their states — a group that also included Democratic Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana and Republican Govs. Bill Haslam of Tennessee, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts and Gary Herbert of Utah — agreed on three steps the federal government can take to stabilize an insurance market where Coloradans will see average premium increases of 26.7 percent in 2018. That hike is similar to boosts occurring in most other states.

According to the governors, the government should:

- Continue to fund cost-sharing-reduction (CSR) payments for insurers who cover a disproportionate number of high-cost customers.
-Launch a reinsurance program to help insurers with the high costs of particular individuals.

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