Because of the skyrocketing costs of Denver County housing, more people are moving to cheaper counties, including "red" Republican counties, according to a new study.

According to real estate company Redfin, in a search for more affordable housing, people are leaving "blue" Denver County (defined by Redfin as if the Democratic candidate for 2016 won by more than 20 percentage points and vice versa for “red” counties) and heading to nearby "red" and "red-leaning" counties.

"As a result, one in 10 Redfin users looking to move out of Denver County — where nearly three in four votes last November were for Hillary Clinton — were looking to nearby Douglas County — where Trump won 54.7 percent of the vote," Redfin noted in its study.

Similar-sized homes in Douglas County sell for about 60 percent of the price in Denver County, Redfin said, and Douglas County residents spend only 26.4 percent of their income on housing, compared with 29.5 percent in Denver County.

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