Colorado Brewers Guild leaders once again have a unique way of talking to state legislators about the needs of their industry — they can just turn to them and discuss things while those legislators are mashing in grain or adding hops to their beers.

After a one-year pause last year while the guild went through a split and then reorganization, the “Hop the Vote” contest returned last week.

Bipartisan teams from the Colorado House and Senate worked with local breweries to make beers that the two chambers will put up for a popular vote at the Oct. 5-7 Great American Beer Festival in Denver as they compete against each other.

On the surface, the contest, which also occurred in 2014 and 2015, is a lighthearted way to bring legislators together on a bipartisan basis and have them try their hands at a new skill. (While the breweries come up with the recipe and typically even suggest the style, legislators do show up to the brew days and take part in the making of the beer.)

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