Colorado businesses and nonprofits are donating money, planning events and providing support to assist with Hurricane Irma relief efforts.

Hurricane Irma developed on Aug. 30 and moved towards the Caribbean islands and Florida throughout the following week. It wreaked havoc as a Category Five storm on the islands of Barbuda, Saint Martin, Anguilla, the Virgin Islands and Saint Martin before hitting Florida Sept. 9 and 10, where it carved out a more than 400-mile path of destruction, especially in the Florida Keys, before weakening to a tropical storm and moving into Georgia.

As of Sept. 13, the storm killed a confirmed 61 people. Early estimates say the storm will likely cause insurers some $65 billion.

Today is the first day things are starting to return to normal in Florida, with residents and volunteers fanning out to pick up the piece, clear cluttered roads and start assessing damages.

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