If nothing's done to fix Denver's traffic problems in the next 10 years, the economic cost of its bottlenecks could total nearly $10 billion.

That's according to a new report by Washington state-based traffic data firm Inrix, which released its "U.S. Traffic Hotspot Study" this week.

In the study, it indicates that across the nation, traffic hotspots are estimated to cost drivers $480 billion over the next ten years in lost time, wasted fuel and carbon emitted.

According to the Inrix report, Denver has 2,258 traffic hotpots that create 16,636 traffic jams annually. The city ranks 14th nationally with a traffic impact factor (if nothing's done to improve traffic, what will be the total cost) of $9.5 billion. Los Angeles ranks No. 1 in the country for traffic impact, with an expected traffic impact cost of more than $90 billion.

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