A pair of LSG Sky Chefs employees working at the company’s Denver International Airport kitchen say they're not being paid the state's minimum wage.

The pair filed wage and hour complaints this week with the Colorado Division of Labor alleging that the company is paying them only $8.80 per hour, which is 50 cents below the minimum wage of $9.30 per hour. In November, Colorado voters approved raising the state's minimum wage.

“Since I began work for Sky Chefs in March, I have been paid below the Colorado minimum wage. It’s hard enough to survive working for minimum wage, but with the company violating the minimum wage law, I can’t even afford my own place," said Wislet Jerome, utility worker for LSG Sky Chefs at Denver International Airport, in a statement posted by the UniteHere.org labor union.

In Colorado, LSG Sky Chefs caters American Airlines, Delta, and Lufthansa, according to the union. The union also alleges that LSG Sky Chefs, the largest airline food contractor, violated wage laws in four other cities, and that lost wages could total more than $12 million."

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