Visit Denver is on pace to equal or exceed its record-setting 2016 totals for conventions and visitors this year, president/CEO Richard Scharf said at the convention and tourism bureau’s annual partnership meeting Tuesday.

Roughly 393,000 people are expected to attend conventions or group meetings in the Denver area this year, spending $911 million on hotels, food, transportation and other amenities while they were here, according to numbers put together by the Visit Denver staff.

That compares to the $718 million that Scharf told the partnership meeting last year that he expected visitors to spend in the area.

The news comes in the first year of implementation for the Denver Tourism Roadmap, a 10-year plan unveiled last year to increase visitation to the Mile High City and to connect in new ways especially with millennial travelers. That implementation played out in a variety of ways, including efforts that are likely to bear even more fruit over the next four years, officials said.

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