Denver is gaining a new publicly traded company because a national hotel chain is moving its corporate headquarters to Colorado.

Red Lion Hotels Corp. (NYSE: RLH), formerly of Spokane, Washington, said it's moving its corporate headquarters to 1550 Market St. effective this month.

"As a growing hospitality company with a hotel network that extends throughout the United States and Canada, the company's management believes having the headquarters in Denver will allow RLH Corporation to be more accessible to its franchisees, partners, vendors and employees," the company said in its quarterly earnings statement last week.

The Spokesman-Review of Spokane reported that CEO Greg Mount is already a resident of the Denver area and he told the newspaper that "Denver’s direct flights to domestic and international cities provide better access for franchisees, vendors and hotel partners who need to visit the corporate office, (and) the Denver area also provides a bigger labor pool of prospective employees."

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