Park Hill Golf Course, the large patch of green along Colorado Boulevard south of Interstate 70, will be sold to the city of Denver after city staffers and the current park owner agreed on a deal.

This comes as the worst possible news to those in and around the area who were worried the park may go away and pave the way for a large retention pond and more development the city seems so fond of.

As of Thursday, the George W. Clayton Trust (managed by Clayton Early Learning) and the city have agreed on a proposal that'll allow the city to buy the property.

After the city buys the property, there will be a "community visioning process" that'll allegedly let community make sure Clayton and the golf course continues to serve the people of the city.

Why was it being sold? It didn't make any money. Rising operational costs and dips in revenue pushed the owners to look at possibly selling the 155-acre property.

Clayton's lease with the golf course operator expires at the end of 2018.