Plenary Roads Denver, the private contractor that operates the toll lanes on Interstate 25 north of Denver and U.S. 36 to Boulder, has proposed changes, with tolls dropping at some times during the day and increasing during others.

“In general, two years in, they feel that they got the toll rates right for the most part — but the shoulder times, right before and after the peak, needed additional adjustments,” said Megan Castle, spokeswoman for The High Performance Transportation Enterprise (HPTE), the division at the Colorado Department of Transportation that handles private contractors.

The HPTE said in an announcement that Plenary is suggesting the changes “to manage congestion and ensure reliable travel times for users of the Express Lanes, including RTD Flatiron Flyer users.”

The HPTE board will vote on the proposal on July 19. Castle said the HPTE is the final authority on toll levels, and has set a cap on what the tolls can be. Plenary’s proposal is under those caps, she said.

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